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Week #1 Major Takeaways

  1. Negotiation methods that are focused on short-term relationships often use tactics that are misleading, manipulative, and/or coercive. Ultimately this approach to negotiation fractures trust, the foundation of the Partnership Success Pyramid.
  2. The party that has the most power doesn’t always get the best deal. Using specific skills at the right time makes the biggest difference in outcomes.
  3. All negotiations have the exact same underlying structure.
  4. Because the 4 Phases Method is based on what people actually do during negotiations, instead of what you think they should do or what they say they will do, the other party doesn’t need to understand or even know the 4 Phases Model in order for it to work for you. 
  5. The Four Phases Method is ideally suited for strategic partnership negotiations because it’s rooted in getting better deals and building long-term relationships.
  6. The negotiation process that an organization uses should be consistent among all of its team members. The 4 Phases will equip you and your team with this critical need.
  7. It is critical to know which method of conflict resolution you’re attempting to use because if it isn’t working, you can shift gears and use an alternative approach.
  8. Negotiating is just another word for “trading.”


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