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PARTNERNOMICS is a national training, coaching, and consulting company that specalizes in helping companies make strategic partnering become a core competency. As a bonus, we hear that people love working with us. If you’re looking to equip yourself with the resources you need to leverage the power of partnership, scroll on.

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Partnering Courses

Enroll in one of our three information-packed courses and take your game to the next level. Our courses are designed for business leaders who want strategic partnering to become a core competency of their organization.

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Personalized Coaching

Enroll in our 6-week coaching program and receive personalized 1-on-1 expertise as your coach take you and your team through our PARTNERNOMICS course curriculum.

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Our CEO, Dr. Mark Brigman, provides weekly episodes to share insights from international partnering professionals from all industries. Learn about new companies, technologies, and opportunities to grow through partnerships!

Partnering Statistics

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Partnerships offer the greatest ROI vs Organic & acquisition.

-Journal of Accountancy

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360% increase in “Partnership Managers” hired in the last 5 years.


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38% of CEOs say B2B Partnerships are their #1 growth stategy.



Partnering Foundations 02This course teaches foundational topics, concepts, and terms that set the stage for an in-depth exploration to the art and science of developing successful strategic partnerships.

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SPLMCourse This course teaches our proprietary Strategic Partner Leadership Model (SPLM), a revolutionary framework to help your organization effectively operationalize its strategic partnerships.

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5 Phase Course Logo e1590681706265 This course teaches our proprietary 5-Phase Partnering Process, a methodical system for going from a partnership "concept," through a successful negotiation, to a long-term beneficial strategic partnership.

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Team or 1:1 Leadership Coaching

Would you like to collaborate in real-time with an expert who will help you implement the PARTNERNOMICS methodology into your organization? Attend weekly 50-minute video conference coaching sessions over a 6-week period with one of our expert coaches and accelerate your organization’s partnership success.

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Our learning management system is simple to navigate and it tracks every step of your progression, on every platform, PC, tablet, and mobile.

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Don’t Listen To Us, Listen To Them

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Principal Analyst - Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems - Forrester

I think there's an opportunity for PARTNERNOMICS to play a huge role in the partnering ecosystem. Partnership executives and managers need to get educated on the processes and success practices that accelerate success and significantly reduce points of failure. These professionals also need to get certified to show the industry that they meet an objective evaluation of their skills and knowledge.

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Harvard Business Publishing

Having read PARTNERNOMICS multiple times, there is extreme value in the processes and strategies that are taught within the framework. The principals taught in PARTNERNOMICS are essential to realizing the full potential of partnerships.

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Click below to see Lesson #1 of our Partnering Foundations course, which includes a Thought Leader Interview with TRUEcar Co-Founder, Bernie Brenner.

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