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Learn How to Leverage the Power of Partnership

♦ Identify Top Partnering Candidates

♦ Create a High-Impact Partnering Strategy

♦ Build Lasting & Highly Profitable Relationships

♦ Learn The 5 Phase Partnering Process

♦ Structure & Negotiate Partnering Agreements

♦ Achieve Exponential Growth For Your Organization

Partnering Stats...
1 %
Higher ROI

Partnerships offer the greatest ROI vs Organic & Acquisition

-Journal of Accountancy

1 x
Job Growth

360% increase in “Parternship Managers” hired in last 5 years.


1 %
Failure Rate

Only 30% of B2B Partnerships Succeed After 2 Years.

-McKinsey, PwC, Gartner

B2B Partnerships Consistently Result in Superior Growth Performance When Compared to Organic and Acquisition Strategies.  But Only 30% of B2B Partnerships Succeed After 2 Years.  Why?  Because Most Business Leaders do Not Provide Adequate Training Nor Follow a Time-Tested Process That Fosters Success. 

Our Courses, Coaching, and Consulting Services Use our Proprietary Framework (PARTNERNOMICS) to Help Leaders Make Strategic Partnering Become a Core Competency and a Competitive Advantage

PARTNERNOMICS Works For All Industries

Tech Companies

Software Providers

Fortune 500s


Banks & Financial


Sports Teams


Small Business

Marketing Firms


Food Services


Hotels & Casinos


Real Estate


Higher Education


Law Offices

What Leaders Are Saying
“In today's business world, strategic partnerships are the fuel for exponential growth for companies large and small. Brigman not only brilliantly illustrates the unique benefits these business relationships bring to bear, but also provides a clear framework for establishing and nurturing successful partnerships.”
Stephen Whiteing
VP, CenturyLink
“Forging successful partnerships is transformative for any business. PARTNERNOMICS offers a first-of-its-kind, thoroughly researched and practical toolkit for developing and nurturing synergistic partnerships. Mark Brigman’s exhaustive study and life-long dedication to the subject inform this essential field guide to partnering. With this tactical and strategic advice, readers can realize the full potential of partnerships.”
Paul Scanlan
CEO, Legion M
“In PARTNERNOMICS, Dr. Mark Brigman challenges everything you thought you knew about starting, maturing, and maximizing business partnerships. Mark encourages us to replace transactional partnership thinking (like RFPs, POs, etc.) with strategic concepts like trust, esprit de corps, and the partnership pyramid. This fast-and-fresh book is packed with ideas for re-calibrating our traditional approach to business relationships.”
Dr. Lee Stuart
Univ of Kansas

Live PARTNERNOMICS Coaching Programs

Are you looking for a convenient, guided approach to learn the PARTNERNOMICS program for yourself or your team? Would you like to work with an expert and ask questions as you attend weekly 50-minute coaching sessions? We have the solution for you! Our 8-week video conference coaching program was designed with you in mind. We use the power of video and video conference technologies to collaborate with our individual and cohort coaching clients. This format provides a rich and cost effective way to learn the art and science of partnering.




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Are you ready to take your organization to the next level? Enroll in one of our PARTNERNOMICS courses and learn how to leverage the power of partnership.

Our online versions allow learners to take a self-paced and organized approach through our proprietary curriculum. Hear from more than a dozen international experts as you watch though leader interviews and topical lessons to uncover this revolutionary content.

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Our Story...

PARTNERNOMICS, our national consulting company, was formed in September of 2014 with one goal in mind – help business leaders grow more meaningful organizations by leveraging the power of partnership.

PARTNERNOMICS is a complete system of tools, strategies, curriculum, and processes that share the art and science to developing successful partnerships. We work with organizations and corporate executives all across the world to help them better leverage the power of partnerships. We offer customized consulting, coaching, and courses (online & in-person) specifically designed to help leaders achieve a competitive advantage through the power of partnership.

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