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PARTNERNOMICS® Lifetime Pro Membership for just $495.00 ($2,485 value) is the ideal starting point for partnering professionals who are ready to get results!
With your Pro Membership, you get lifetime access to:

  • Partnering Foundations Course (3.5 hours of content)
  • Partnering Foundations Certification Exam
  • Indirect Sales Partnerships Course (9 hours)
  • Solutions Partnerships Course (8.5 hours)
  • Premium PARTNERNOMICS® Toolbox – includes 15+ pro tools and templates
  • Private Pro Member Group moderated by Certified PARTNERNOMICS Coaches

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PARTNERNOMICS Starter Membership (Free) is the ideal starting point for someone unsure of where to begin.
With your Starter Membership, you will get access to:

  • Partnering Foundations Course (3.5 hours of content)
  • Basic PARTNERNOMICS Toolbox

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After creating your account, we recommend watching the first 3 videos of the Partnering Foundations course. These videos will show you what PARTNERNOMICS is all about.

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Join in on the conversation throughout the community platform with hundreds of partnering professionals. The Coffee Shop is a great starting point to get introduced to others on the platform.

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