Partnership Bootcamps

Learn the PARTNERNOMICS® methodology in a 7-week Bootcamp

Wish your partnering programs ran more profitably? We can help!

Each PARTNERNOMICS® Bootcamp is a 7-week coaching program that is led by a Certified PARTNERNOMICS Orchestrator. Bootcamps are organized into small cohorts of up to 10 partnering professionals so every participant receives focused attention.

Bootcamp cohorts meet for 1 hour each week, via Zoom, to debrief the course content associated with their Bootcamp program.

What makes PARTNERNOMICS® different?

Methodology. Expertise. Process. Simplified.

PARTNERNOMICS® is the best and most comprehensive solution for partnership professionals wanting to grow their careers and significantly improve their organization’s partnership performance. If you’re searching for a proven methodical, researched-based approach to systematically build and manage a world-class partnering operation, you’ve come to the right place.

PARTNERNOMICS® Bootcamps bring together insights from more than 300 content contributors and learnings from clients in 80+ countries who have implemented our proprietary methodology. This 7-week transformative experience equips partnering professionals with an end-to-end process to achieve operational excellence when executing and managing partnerships.

PARTNERNOMICS® gives you an end-to-end process to manage your partnership function.

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  • 7-Week Program
  • Up to 10 cohort members
  • Meet 1-hour per week via Zoom
  • Receive focused attention
  • Led by a Certified Orchestrator

Trusted by the world’s leading partnership teams

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All PARTNERNOMICS® Bootcamps help drive

partnership success.

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