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Indirect Sales Partnerships

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Lesson 2, Topic 1
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Introduction to Indirect Sales Partnerships

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Video #1: Introduction to Indirect Sales Partnerships

  1. Overview of the PARTERNOMICS® Platform
  2. Overview of the PARTERNOMICS® courses and certifications
  3. Overview of the Partnering Foundations course
  4. Overview of the Indirect Sales Partnerships course

Questions to Consider:

  1. What was your greatest takeaway from this topical video?
  2. Did you complete the Partnering Foundations course?
  3. Have you engaged in the PARTNERNOMICS Collaboration Platform yet? If yes, in what way(s)?
  4. Are you currently following a partnering process, similar to the 6-phased Indirect Sales Partnerships process shared in the video? If yes, explain the steps.
  5. How familiar is your executive team with B2B partnership and program operations?
  6. Which of your executives are critical in supporting your overall partnership program? Why?
  7. If you have an existing partnership program in place, how would you rate its performance? Which of the phases shared need to be improved and why?

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