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Indirect Sales Partnerships

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ISP Week 1 – Strategy

“Failing to plan is planning to fail.” ~Benjamin Franklin

“One minute spent planning saves ten minutes of execution.” ~Brian Tracy

Leaders must form partnership plans at two levels, the organizational level (Organizational Partnering Plan / OPP and the functional level for individual partnering initiatives (Strategic Partnering Plans / SPP. Develop plans from the onset so success is clearly defined for all collaborators.

 Week #1 – Strategy – Learning Objectives:

  1. Recite the six phases of the indirect sales partnering process: strategy, recruiting, contracting, onboarding, enablement, and operations.
  2. Describe how the Partnering Foundations course links to indirect sales partnerships.
  3. Describe common resourcing issues faced by partnering programs.
  4. Describe what an Organizational Partnering Plan (OPP) is and the value it provides to executives as well as partnering professionals. 
  5. Describe and create a Strategic Partnering Plan (SPP) for one of your indirect sales partnering programs, accounting for your deepest level of segmentation.