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Jay McBain “Forrester”

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Thought Leader Interview

Questions to Consider:

  1. Seventy-five percent of world commerce is conducted through partnerships. What percentage of your annual revenue comes from partnerships?
  2. 76% of CEOs say their business model will be unrecognizable in 5 years. How will your organization’s business model change in the near future?
  3. Marketplaces, such as Amazon have grown more in the last 3 months than they had in the past 10 years. Can you leverage a digital marketplace to sell your solution(s)?
  4. “The average quantity of partnerships being managed by an organization needs to grow by 10 times over the next 3-5 years in order to compete.” What is your company doing to be able to effectively evaluate and execute 10x its current partners?

Supplemential Information:

Sales vs Sales Channel Professionals (Harvard Business Review)