Strategic Partnering 2


PARTNERNOMICS – Strategic Partnering 2; Applying the 5-Phases of the Strategic Partnering Process.

(1) Building a Strategic Partnering Plan; (2) Engaging Partner Candidates; (3) Negotiating the Agreement; (4) Closing the Agreement; (5) Operationalizing the Partnership.




The PARTNERNOMICS – Strategic Partnering 2 course is designed for the business professional who is interested in taking a deep dive into the 5-phases of the partnering process.

  1. Building a Strategic Partnering Plan
  2. Engaging Partner Candidates
  3. Bargaining/Negotiating the Agreement
  4. Closing the Agreement
  5. Operationalizing the Partnership

This course specifically focuses on outlining each of the 5 phases and sharing tools that will be you more effectively manage and execute each phase. This course contains over 8 hours of video content. Approximately half of the videos are topical lessons that explain key concepts and tools, while the remaining videos include expert interviews with international partnering and business growth thought-leaders.