Strategic Communications 1


Learn the communication skills to build authentic trust, relationships, and partnerships from a global behavioral expert and master spy recruiter. Stop guessing, settling for less than you are capable of, and learn how to master the communication skills you need to move beyond transactional relationships and into mutually beneficial collaboration and partnerships. The Interpersonal Communications Course was formed on the premise that missions, goals, and objectives cannot be achieved without relationships and partnerships based upon communication and empathy. The Interpersonal Communications process incorporates decades of practical professional experiences as well as the science behind the critical element required for strong relationships… TRUST. Both creating trust and empathy as well as assessing it in others is no longer elusive when you follow the Interpersonal Communications Methodology. This course will make this elusive complex “art form” an easy “paint-by-number” repeatable process that is free from manipulation and easily implemented by both organizations as well as individuals for all aspects of life.



LENGTH: 6-WEEKS (Self-Paced) / 6 Hours of video


This course is organized into a 6-week curriculum; however, participants are encouraged to complete the coursework at their own pace (100% self-paced). The course contains 6 hours of video content including topical lessons that explain key concepts, tools, processes, and strategies.

Strategic Communications 1