Reply To: Go to Market and new partner onboarding

  • James Lezzer

    August 18, 2023 at 11:36 am

    Katayoon, I would start with reviewing what your GTM strategy is for new partners and then revisit that list with everyone to fill in the gaps.

    What’s been really powerful for me is working down the list of the specific action items that we consider best practice in getting the partner up and running. That list includes all areas of my partner’s team: partnerships, marketing, sales, and implementations/customer success. It eliminates the single-threaded conversations and creates more alignment across the partner’s organization. We want to educate and enable their team to get everyone aware of our solution(s) and how it benefits their clients.

    Additionally, we’re asking them for insight on things like micro pitch decks. That becomes education for our sales team to help them open up those conversations and drive new opportunities. The outcome of this is that you have a very clear picture of which partners are really engaged and which ones you can either put on the back burner or terminate.