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This course teaches foundational topics, concepts, and terms that set the stage for an in-depth exploration to the art and science of developing successful strategic partnerships.

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In this 9-hour information-packed educational journey, you will learn the 6 phases of the channel partnering process and be guided through a disciplined process to create your company-specific channel partnering playbook.

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This course takes a deep dive into the “pre-contract signature” processes to understand the optimal way to construct partnership agreements, perform due diligence, and negotiate agreements that deliver results.

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This course introduces our proprietary Strategic Partner Leadership Model (SPLM) framework, which teaches a systematic way for your organization to effectively manage and lead strategic relationships. Participants will learn the six components of the SPLM framework (Vision, Teams, Goals, Metrics, Processes, and Results) and gain strategies that will significantly improve operational effectiveness in each.

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In Strategic Negotiations, you will learn a universal negotiation framework that will allow you to quickly understand, plan, and react to collaborative situations in a way that best supports your long-term objectives. Unfortunately, most negotiation methodologies taught today focus on short-term single interaction tactics that are centered on manipulation and deception. Because of the unique nature of partnering professionals, the short-term tactics are counterproductive. 

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Our Innovator’s Method course was developed in partnership with Nathan Furr, an Associate Professor of Strategy at INSEAD, where he teaches innovation and technology strategy. Nathan earned his PhD from the Stanford Technology Ventures Program at Stanford University and holds BA, MA and MBA degrees from Brigham Young University.

The course steps through Nathan’s innovation methodology and how learners can leverage partnerships to drive continuous innovation.

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Learn the communication skills to build authentic trust, relationships, and partnerships from a global behavioral expert and master spy recruiter. Stop guessing, settling for less than you are capable of, and learn how to master the communication skills you need to move beyond transactional relationships and into mutually beneficial collaboration and partnerships.

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Unlock your team and partners potential by upgrading your processes with the worlds only university-backed partnering methodology.