University – 8 week course

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PARTNERNOMICS – University (8-Week Curriculum Set) for graduate students.


This PARTNERNOMICS® course is specifically designed for and only offered to students enrolled in a PARTNERNOMICS course from one of our university partners. Students should also be studying a discipline of business or organizational leadership. This version of PARTNERNOMICS takes learners through a disciplined and chronological process to show the core phases of the partnering process. The purchase of this product includes access to the course content for 12 weeks.

The 5 phases covered include, 1) Building a Partnering Strategy, 2) Engaging and Selecting Partnering Candidates, 3) Negotiating Terms of a Partnering Agreement, 4) Executing a Partnering Agreement, and 5) Managing the Partnership to Success.

The content for this course is approximately 20 hours of videos. About half of the content consists of business growth thought leader interviews and the remaining content is thoughtfully curated definitions, concepts, case studies, and time-tested strategies designed to help students gain a comprehensive understanding of the key influencers to long-term partnership success.  This course includes graduate-level research to support the student’s learning. Upon completion of this course, the learner will be well-positioned to assume a role as a business development or strategic partnering professional with a company of any size.

University – 8 week course

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