Platform Partner Program

PARTNERNOMICS® is currently seeding the newest version of its partnering collaboration platform ( We currently have 1,000 members and we are expecting this number to exceed 10,000 by the end of 2023.

We are offering two-tiers of partnership program your company may participate in:  

Tier 1 (Free):

  1. Partnering Foundations course (Free):
    1. You may grant all of your customers and employees free access to our 4-hour, Partnering Foundations course. Participants simply need to create a PARTNERNOMICS account (Starter Member) to get access to this course.
  2. Certification (Free):
    1. All of your customers and employees can earn a university-backed certification at the conclusion of the Partnering Foundations course.
  3. Collaboration Platform Access (Free):
    1. All Starter Members are able to:
      1. Join public groups
      2. Connect with more than 1,000 partnering professionals
      3. Engage in topical content and conversations
      4. And much more!

Tier 2 (Free but requires some “elbow grease”):

  1. Includes everything in Tier 1, plus;
  2. Your company can create its own Public/Private group within our platform.
    • Manage your own group and assign organizers and moderators
    • Connect with new potential customers
    • Host your own user group and decide who can participate
    • Initiate new discussions and share best practices resources
    • Be highlighted across the entire PARTNERNOMICS platform
  3. Tier 2 requirements (“elbow grease”):
    • All Tier 2 partners are required to follow the Platform Partner Requirements.
    • If a partner is not able to achieve the Tier 2 Platform Partner Requirements, they will be demoted to Tier 1 and lose all Tier 2 benefits, including the company’s group listing.

We are capping the number of Tier 2 partners to 30 at this time (subject to change). The first companies to commit are the first companies in – don’t miss out.

Click here to book a meeting with me to discuss this exclusive and limited-time opportunity. Our system will automatically send you a Zoom link.

Best regards,

Bill Stone 
Partner Development Leader
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