Platform Partner Requirements

Thank you for your interest in joining the PARTNERNOMICS® Platform Partnering Program (4P). We (“Partnernomics, LLC”) are pleased to offer this unique opportunity to you, your partnering professional employees, and your customers (“Company”). We reserve the right to modify the terms of this program at any time. Company agrees to achieve and maintain all requirements of the 4P at all times and any shortfall will result in Company being demoted to Tier 1, which will result in Company losing its Group listing, among other possible benefits.

Platform Engagement (, Company Agrees to:

  1. Never directly solicit a PARTNERNOMICS member, unless they initiate the conversation and request information about your solution. Violators will have their accounts permanently blocked.
  2. Within the first week of joining the 4P, Company will send an email inviting all of its software customers to join the PARTNERNOMICS platform. Users can create a free account (Starter Membership) and access the Partnering Foundations course (free) and complete the Partnering Foundations certification (free).
  3. Include PARTNERNOMICS in your Company newsletter and/or LinkedIn company post at least once per month, encouraging subscribers to join the PARTNERNOMICS platform.
  4. Engage/Reply to at least 10 unique PARTNERNOMICS members (on the platform) per week.
  5. Create at least 3 posts/replies in the “Coffee Shop” per week, on at least 2 different days.
  6. Create at least 3 posts/replies in your Company Group per week, on at least 3 different days.
  7. Encourage your partnering professional employees and your software users to invite other partnering professionals to the PARTNERNOMICS platform. (below)