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Director of Strategic Partnerships


Music — I play guitar and sing and have been doing so for over 40 years.

Python / coding — love writing code and solving problems.

Family — enjoy spending time with my wife, daughter and son, as well as our friends.


I love the reaction that I get when people ask, “What’s your greatest skill?”, “Why you?”, or something similar. My answer is always the same: I build trusted relationships quickly. Usually it’s received with a smile and followed up with, “How?” Simply, I have a passion for helping people figure out how they can solve a problem or overcome a challenge. It isn’t always easy or instantaneous. Sometimes it requires a lot mental calculus and patience to determine what the best thing for us to do together is; even if it’s nothing at the moment. I believe that it’s the willingness to dig in, get my hands dirty, have “rocks” thrown at me, and navigate the rough waters to find a solution that has developed this skill in me. Every day I’m grateful for it.I’m equally grateful to work with healthcare organizations making an impact on patient care. We all use these resources at some point and all want the best outcome from our encounters. Being able to help providers improve their patients’ outcomes and experiences is meaningful work. Simultaneously helping those same providers be more productive and enjoy their jobs more is exceptional work. Earning the trust to be invited back repeatedly, is humbling.Whether you’re a current or potential client, partner, colleague, or connection I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and build a relationship with you. Connect with me here and let me know how I can help you. All the best!