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Welcome to the PARTNERNOMICS® Indirect Sales Partnerships course. In this 9-hour information-packed educational journey, you will learn the 6 phases of the indirect sales partnering process and be guided through a disciplined process to create your company-specific indirect sales partnering playbook.

Generally speaking, every partnering program is focused on one of two areas, revenue generation or solutions building. This Indirect Sales Partnerships course focuses on the former topic – revenue growth. The proceeding lessons share tools, strategies, processes, and global success practices to help you accelerate your path to meaningful revenue.

  • 75% of commerce happens through partnerships (Canalys). 
  • 38% of CEOs say partnerships are their dominant strategy for growth (KPMG).
  • 76% of CEOs say their current business model will be unrecognizable in 5 years and the leading reason is partnership networks (Accenture).
  • Every company must grow its quantity of partners by 10X within the next 5 years (Forrester).
  • The 2020s is seeing a 50% increase in workload among partnership professionals (IDC).
  • There has been a 360% increase in the number of Partnership Managers hired in the US over the past 5 years (LinkedIn).
  • 85% of executives say strategic partnerships are important for their growth, but only 33% believe their organizations have the processes and know-how to execute successfully (CMO Council).
  • The expected “success rate” of indirect sales partnerships is less than 15% at the two-year mark (PARTNERNOMICS).

Leveraging 14 years of research, and insights from more than 300 partnership executives, 30 best-selling authors, and Ivy League professors, the Indirect Sales Partnerships curriculum is structured into an engaging self-paced course. This educational journey includes a comprehensive workbook, over 9 hours of storyboard videos, and more than a dozen downloadable tools designed to help you better leverage the power of indirect sales partnerships. 

Upon enrollment, learners can access course content through any PC browser and our native mobile app 24x7x365. Simply download the PARTNERNOMICS® app from your favorite app store and take the PARTNERNOMICS platform with you while on the go! 

Course Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the tools, strategies, processes, and technologies that leading PARTNERNOMICS clients utilize to run their industry-leading indirect sales partnership programs.
  2. Learn the 12 components of the Organizational Partnering Plan (OPP) and Strategic Partnering Plan (SPP).
  3. Develop an OPP for your organization and develop SPPs for each of your indirect sales partnering initiatives.
  4. Significantly improve partnership success by learning and implementing a systematic partner recruiting process.
  5. Learn how to negotiate and structure indirect sales partnership agreements that facilitate long-term success.
  6. Learn, create, and execute a First 90-Days Plan with each of your managed partners to bring clarity and deliver greater levels of mutual success.
  7. Learn how to effectively operationalize your partnerships team, each Partner Development Leader, and each partner.
  8. Create and communicate scoreboards using leading success practices to reinforce healthy competition.
  9. Implement more than a dozen partnering tools and processes known as the PARTNERNOMICS® methodology to bring clarity, scale, and greater levels of success to your indirect sales partnering program.

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