The Science of Partnering

The Science of Partnering®

From Fortune 500 to Startup, run a world-class partnering program with PARTNERNOMICS® – Proprietary Methodology, Software, Academy, and a global network of Certified Consultants.

“It wasn’t until I came across PARTNERNOMICS® that I felt like I’d found someone who actually gets it. The courses were fantastic and they provide valuable tools that can be used to turn an amateur into a partner leader.”

~Marc Fortin / Shopify

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Empower yourself or your team to manage it’s internal partnership operations all within Salesforce® and deliver critical results from your partner programs.


Unlock your team and partners potential by upgrading your processes with the worlds only university-backed partnering methodology.

– Manage internal partnership operations from Salesforce®.

– Follows the PARTNERNOMICS® methodology (strategy – operations).

Run partnership operations with data (dashboards & reports)

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– Collaborate with a PARTNERNOMICS Implementer on any project.

– Purchase either one-time or monthly coaching hours

Solve any partnership challenge (program performance, strategy, recruiting, contracting, onboarding & enablement, and operations)

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– Course access (Partnering Foundations, Indirect Sales & Solutions Partnerships)

– Partnership Toolbox (Templates and tools for partner leaders)

– Platform Access, connect and network with likeminded partner pros

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– 7-week program (meet weekly via Zoom)

– Led by Certified PARTNERNOMICS Coach

– Learn with cohorts, up to 10 peers

– “Indirect Sales Partnerships” & “Solutions Partnerships” programs

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– Courses leverage over 300 content contributors

Video-based content, 5-9 hours per course

State-of-the-art learning management system (LMS)

– Eligible to earn course level certifications 

– Includes lifetime access to the on-line course

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– Only university-backed partnership methodology certifications

– Earn “course-level” certification for any course

– Earn Strategic Partner Leadership Professional (SPLP®) certification

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