Scott Brinker Show Episode 1


Episode 1: Scott Brinker

Topics Covered

  • No Code: Will the massive proliferation of “no-code” capabilities decrease the demand for coders?
  • Marketplaces: Will marketplaces extend to resellers; will partners transact from a digital marketplace, then resell/implement end-user solutions without real-time engagement with the ISV/vendor?
  • E-commerce: E-commerce has passed in-person as the top channel for B2B sales. What critical factors enabled this to happen?
    • Necessity: Less ability to travel – be in-person
    • Ease of information gathering/research
    • Trusting information sources (independent rating)
  • Governance: Is governance underappreciated?
    • Partnering processes
    • Technology to help

Guest Information

Scott Brinker

VP Platform Ecosystem, HubSpot

Today, our guest on The PARTNERNOMICS Show is Scott Brinker, VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot. Scott shapes the HubSpot platform strategy and leads business programs for their gloal technology partner ecosystem. Since 2008, he has ran the Chief Marketing Technologist blog, analyzing topics at the intersection of marketing, technology, and management. The blog has now accumulated over 50,000 readers. In addition, Scott also launched the MarTech conference in 2014 where he now serves as the event’s program chair. 

Scott is also the author of the best-selling book “Hacking Marketing” and co-author of the article “The Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist“, published in Harvard Business Review.

Mark Brigman Image
Mark Brigman
CEO & Founder

Mark is an author, keynote speaker, and the Founder of PARTNERNOMICS®, an international training, coaching, and consulting firm that helps business professionals make strategic partnering become a core competency.

Mark is an expert at turning collaborative relationships into highly functional competitive advantages. While working for a Fortune 100 technology firm, he traveled across Europe and the US architecting and leading hundreds of multi-million dollar partnerships. From the early 2000s, his passion and expertise in strategic partnerships led him to speak at international conferences from London, England to Silicon Valley.


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