The PARTNERNOMICS Show Invitation


The PARTNERNOMICS team is excited to invite you to be a guest on The PARTNERNOMICS Show, a video-based talk show, focused on strategic partnering, channel, and ecosystems.

Each episode is approximately 25 minutes long and consists of 4 topics that will be discussed by you, our thought-leader guest, and Mark Brigman, our host. Imagine a sports talk show, except we focus on partnership success practices.

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How it works:

  1. Go to and request to be a guest on our show.
  2. You will receive a 45-minute Zoom calendar invite for the show recording. 
  3. You and Mark will spend 15 minutes discussing show topics and approximately 25 minutes actually recording the show episode.
  4. Each episode includes the host and guest volleying 4 questions, spending 4-5 minutes per question.
  5. The overarching goal is to have the host and guest share ideas, insights, and opinions that will help advance the partnering profession.
  6. The guest needs to email 6 questions to Mark Brigman at least 2 days prior to the episode’s recording date ( 
  7. The questions will highlight the guest’s areas of expertise and share relevant insights with our partnering professional viewers.
Hosted by:
Mark Brigman

Mark Brigman


Additional Information

  1. Each episode (video) will be published on the website, the PARTNERNOMICS’ YouTube channel, and the PARTNERNOMICS Vimeo channel. 
  2. The audio version of each show will be distributed as a PARTNERNOMICS Podcast on Podbean, Apple, Google, and Spotify.
  3. Each episode will be shared on LinkedIn and other social media outlets.
  4. The show will have at least one sponsor to cover the cost of production.
  5. PARTNERNOMICS® owns and controls all rights to each episode and the overall program and brand.

If you have any questions, please email the host, Mark Brigman directly. His email address is Thank you and we look forward to featuring you in a future PARTNERNOMICS Show episode.


In 2014, PARTNERNOMICS® was founded by Mark Brigman, Ph.D. on the belief that “there has to be a better way to lead partnerships.” Studies commonly show that Channel partnerships experience 80-90% failure rates and Solutions partnerships see a 70% failure rate. Our belief set us on a mission to create THE global standard B2B partnership methodology. 

Since then, we’ve developed the first partner operations software native to® that executes a holistic partnering methodology (PARTNERNOMICS IQ). We offer the only university-backed partnering methodology certification which has been earned by partnering professionals from organizations of all sizes — startups to Fortune 10. 

Our proprietary software, methodology, certifications, and implementation services allow clients to efficiently adopt the science of partnering and achieve operational excellence in each of their partnering programs. 

Don't forget to book a slot!

Request your spot to be a guest on the show. After booking a slot, you will receive a Zoom invite for your recording. At least 2 days prior, don’t forget to email your 6 questions that you’d like to discuss to