PartnerHacker – Co-Sell Activation

Master the art of Co-Selling with the PARTNERNOMICS Co-Sell Activation Workshop and the Nearbound Sales Blueprint

Program Overview

Course Overview

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The Future of GTM is Here.

The Nearbound

Sales Blueprint

Warning: Based on the data of the 10k+ companies on the Reveal network, running Nearbound Sales plays will result in:

  • Increasing the number of open opportunities by 33%
  • Increasing win rates by 41%
  • Reducing time-to-close by 43%
  • Decreasing your CAC
  • Increasing productivity per rep

But what are these plays and how do you execute them systematically in your sales cycle?

The Nearbound Sales Blueprint is the step-by-step tactical playbook that answers these questions and more. Jared Fuller dives into the granular tasks (down to the email templates) that Sales Leaders, AEs, and Partner Managers can start using today to drive 2-3x more revenue with Nearbound.

You’ll never think about selling the same ever again. Learn how to set a target, attach the target, and run the activities to hit the goal.

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