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Vice President of Partnerships

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Channel, Partner Recruiting and Co-Selling

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United States


I partner with business leaders to design and deploy business strategies that galvanize teams, inspire customers and stimulate business growth. I bring a forward looking perspective honed by over 20 years of leadership across SaaS, Security, Ed Tech and Telecommunication industries.Status quo decision making that continues using paradigms that have outgrown their worth stall company growth.  In some cases, they are the key lynch pins to the decline of companies causing them to fail. I help to solve these problems by leveraging my global fortune 100 and start up business experience to drive new business development and strategic partnerships.  Happy and eager to connect with business leaders who are walking with purpose and have an appetite for doing different, in these profoundly different times. Let’s talk!


I enjoy working out, watching sporting events, traveling and deploying successful entrepreneurial business ventures.