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Business Development, Sales and Partnerships

Partnership topics you are interested in?

Channel Development, Partner Recruiting, Channel Marketing, Channel Management

Current Country of Residence

United States


I have worked in the channel ecosystem for about two decades now. I have spent the bulk of those years learning from the perspectives of others and a few really good mentors. This has helped me learn how to apply the perspectives of partners and customers to learn more about their needs and develop strong relationships…I hope!

I am always interested in learning from others and applying that knowledge, where it applies, to my own personal methods.

I have worked for enterprise level companies like Microsoft on down to smaller companies like Pervasive, and now Gorilla.

I look forward to meeting new connections, learning and growing, and yeah…maybe a little business.


Aside from business, I enjoy anything that I can do with my family.

Camping, cooking, reading, wood working, movies, and AI are some of my personal interests.

I grew up reading Popular Science with my father and still enjoy learning about new and emerging tech.