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Certified PARTNERNOMICS® Orchestrator

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Implement The Science of Partnering®

Service Offerings

– General Partner Program Audit/Assessment

– Partner Survey – 3rd Party Audit and Feedback of Performance

Partner Tech Stack Review/Audit

– Cultural Change Management (Sales vs. Partner / Geography)  


– Organizational Change Management

a) Revamping Partner GTM Strategy

b) Shift from Direct Sales to Partner GTM Strategy

Develop an Organizational Partnering Plan (OPP)

– Develop Strategic Partnering Plans (SPP)

– Territory Planning

– Partner Program Audit/Assessment

Identify Partner Personas (Organization & Partner Counterpart)

– Develop Partner Profile Forms (Initial & Full)

– Partner Recruiting Strategies

– Partner Recruiting Operations (communications & evaluation)

– Candidate & Partner Evaluation Tool/Processes

Develop Term Sheet(s)

– Negotiation Strategy/Preparation

– Contract Review

Onboarding Processes

– First 90-Days Plans

– Partner Training

Partner Certification

– Partner Tech Stack Review/Audit

– Account Mapping/Planning

Annual Partnering Performance Plans

– 90-Days Plans (Perpetual)

– Scoreboards/Metrics to Track

– Internal (Exec & Team) Business Reviews

Partner Business Reviews