Jay McBain Show Episode 8


Episode 8: Jay McBain

Topics Covered

Wall Street: Does Wall Street prefer “inventors” where bets are made on the next big idea or “proof” where investors simply fund the sale of a proven concept?

Exclusivity: Should a partnering professional ever agree to exclusivity?

SaaS CEOs: Many SaaS CEOs have to understand partnering from two very distinct vantage points, (1) channel sales and (2) co-creation & tech integration. How should they balance these two topics?

Growth: CEOs must decide to build (organic) or partner (collaborate). What are the key factors in deciding which approach to take?

Guest Information

Partnering Analysis Expert McBain
Jay Mcbain

Chief Analyst – Channels, Partnerships, & Ecosystems, Canalys

In this week’s episode of The PARTNERNOMICS Show, Mark Brigman is joined by Jay McBain, Chief Analyst – Channels, Partnerships, & Ecosystems @ Canalys. Jay is an accomplished speaker, author, and innovator in the IT industry. Named 2021 Channel Influencer of the Year by Channel Partners Magazine. 

Mark Brigman Image
Mark Brigman
CEO & Founder

Mark is an author, keynote speaker, and the Founder of PARTNERNOMICS®, an international training, coaching, and consulting firm that helps business professionals make strategic partnering become a core competency.

Mark is an expert at turning collaborative relationships into highly functional competitive advantages. While working for a Fortune 100 technology firm, he traveled across Europe and the US architecting and leading hundreds of multi-million dollar partnerships. From the early 2000s, his passion and expertise in strategic partnerships led him to speak at international conferences from London, England to Silicon Valley.


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