PARTNERNOMICS Implementer Terms & Policies

During the Term of the PARTNERNOMICS Implementer Agreement, the Consultant agrees to:

SECTION 5 – PAYMENT & COMMISSIONS: The Consultant will receive:

  1. Cohort/Boot Camps: The Consultant will receive $200 per hour for leading cohort/boot camp sessions scheduled by Company. For example, if Consultant successfully leads a 7-week cohort/boot camp program, the Consultant will earn $200 x 7 = $1,400.00
  1. Coaching & Consulting: If an engagement is sold by Company, the Consultant will receive $150 per hour (net) for leading Coaching or Consulting work for the benefit of a Customer. All coaching programs are pre-defined engagements per PARTNERNOMICS programs. But, formal written Statements of Work (SOW) must be created for each Consulting opportunity, and approved by Company CEO, prior to each Consulting engagement commencing. 
  1. Referral/Sales: In addition to applicable Cohort/Boot Camp and Coaching/Consulting pay, the Consultant will receive a sales commission based on the net revenue collected by Company (less 3rd party transaction fees) for the referral and subsequent sale (and payment) of the following Services:
    1. Sales: If the Implementer generated the prospect lead where PARTNERNOMICS IP is used/sold and the Implementer closed the sale:
      1. The Implementer will pay PARTNERNOMICS a 20% licensing fee for the engagement if PARTNERNOMICS IP is used. For example, helping a client create an OPP, SPP, Term Sheet, Scoring Tool, etc.
      2. Advanced Courses (DIY) = PARTNERNOMICS will pay a 20% commission (does not include free or subscription courses).
      3. Bootcamp (where Implementer is not leading the Bootcamp) = PARTNERNOMICS will pay a 20% commission.
      4. PARTNERNOMICS IQ = PARTNERNOMICS will pay a 15% commission on the first-year software license fee (refer the deal only – not “close”).
  1. Sales: If PARTNERNOMICS generated the prospect lead and the Implementer closed the sale, PARTNERNOMICS will pay the following commissions:
    1. Courses = 15% (does not include subscription courses).
    2. Bootcamp (where Implementer is not leading the Bootcamp) = 15%.
    3. PARTNERNOMICS IQ = 10% of the first-year software license fee.
  1. Sales: If PARTNERNOMICS generated the prospect lead for Implementer’s Proprietary work:
    1. Implementer will pay PARTNERNOMICS 20% commission on the engagement.

Consultant will be paid within 15 days of the Customer 1) making full payment for the Service(s), and 2) Consultant completing the work associated with the Service(s), where applicable. 

If the delivery time for a Service, such as a Coaching program or Consulting engagement is greater than one month, the payment will be split into equal parts (50/50) and the first payment will be made by Company to Consultant within 15 days of the Consultant completing the first 50% of the engagement as defined by the Program or Statement Of Work schedule.

Company reserves the right to “set off” payments due to Consultant for situations where Consultant was paid to deliver Services, but for any reason, the Services were not delivered; and/or for Customer bad debt where commissions were paid to Consultant, but payment was not satisfied by the Customer.   

Changes to payments and commission structures may be made from time to time. Any revised payment and commission structure(s) will only be effective on future Services and sales, such changes will not be retroactive.


  1. Professionally represent Company and successfully provide the Services to the Customer’s reasonable expectation;
  2. Use its reasonable efforts to refer, introduce, and sell Company’s Services;
  3. Participate in regular Implementer calls (>75% participation).
  4. Have at least 5 communications engagements on the platform (Coffee Shop group, Pro Members group, etc.) per month.
  5. Pay all personal office, communications, equipment, travel, and entertainment expenses that have not been pre-approved by Company;
  6. Pay all personal, use, excise, or similar taxes, applicable to the performance of the Consultant Services;
  7. Submit expense reports within 30 days of the date on which the pre-approved expenses were incurred; 
  8. Follow all internal and Customer facing processes and procedures set forth by Company to foster high-quality customer results;
  9. Make suggestions, recommendations, and share insights with Company regarding potential improvements to the Services and internal operations processes;
  10. Not delete, destroy, or diminish the value of Company property, including, but not limited to intellectual property, physical assets, non-physical assets, and/or digital assets (brand, data, information, etc.);
  11. Maintain marketing standards that are, in the view of Company, appropriate considering the nature, quality, and reputation of Company;
  12. Acknowledge that strict compliance with Company marketing standards is necessary to properly promote the unique Service qualities of Company;
  13. Upon notice from Company, Consultant will immediately cease and remove from use, display, and distribution all marketing and sales materials that are, in the sole opinion of Company, not in compliance with Company standards; and
  14. Immediately report to Company any complaints or adverse claims with respect to the Company Services or other subjects of reasonable interest.
  15. Invite at least 5 partnering professionals to the PARTNERNOMICS platform per month. (below)

LinkedIn Engagement (PARTNERNOMICS company or PARTNERNOMICS employee posts)

  1. Implementer will reference PARTNERNOMICS on his/her LinkedIn background/banner image at least as prevalent as any other brand.
  2. Implementer will show PARTNERNOMICS as a “current position” on his/her list of job roles on LinkedIn. 
  3. Engage with at least 5 PARTNERNOMICS LinkedIn posts per week, such as “liking” and/or commenting on company posts or customer posts referencing PARTNERNOMICS.
  4. “Repost” at least 2 PARTNERNOMICS LinkedIn posts or repost customer posts referencing PARTNERNOMICS each week.
  5. Create at least 1 original post per month of 30+ words that is relevant to the partnership’s community and “tag” PARTNERNOMICS to the message.