Episode 33: Rob Rebholz

Today, our guest on The PARTNERNOMICS® Show is Rob Rebholz the Co-Founder and CEO of Superglue an amazing co-selling orchestration solution that helps users identify and engage the people in your ecosystem who can source and close deals. Superglue makes it easier than ever to build a predictable revenue engine.

Topics Covered: 🎤

👉 Predictable Revenue: What are the greatest challenges that companies face when trying to drive predictable revenue via partners/co-selling?

👉 Sales Strategies: How do automation, AI, and co-selling interplay in modern sales strategies?

👉 Account Mapping: How do Crossbeam and Reveal better enable co-selling?  

👉 Co-Sell Plays: What co-sell plays would you recommend for enhancing partnerships?

👉 Acct Execs: Why do Account Executives often struggle with co-selling, and how can this be rectified?


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Mark Brigman

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