Episode 15: Rick van den Bosch

Today, our guest on The PARTNERNOMICS Show is Rick van den Bosch, Founder & CEO @ Channext. Rick previously founded an organization, Virtual Retail and after experiencing firsthand how difficult it was to engage partners in vendor marketing activities, Channext was born.

Channext is a SaaS solution that integrates with your partner’s systems and proactively distributes content and information to their websites, social media, digital advertising, and CRMs. Data is automatically retrieved from the partners and displayed in a central dashboard. It helps channel professionals to measure crucial partner engagement and end-user demand generation KPIs.

Topics Covered:

  • Marketing: What are some of the biggest mistakes made in partner marketing?
  • Segmentation: What is the power of segmenting markets and partners? 
  • Tech Pivot: How do you know if/when to pivot? 
  • Recruiting: What is the right number of partners?

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