Brian Hattaway Show Episode 11


Episode 11: Brian Hattaway

Topics Covered:

  • Operations: What is the first piece of technology needed for a successful partnering program? 
  • CRM: Why isn’t a CRM capable of managing Partnering from day 1 (install)?
  • Data Model: In data modeling, how is a “partner” different from a “partnership?” 
  • Integrations: How do I connect different tools together?

Guest Information

Brian Hattaway

Founder & Innovation Leader, IOLITE Solutions

Today, our guest on The PARTNERNOMICS Show is Brian Hattaway, Founder & Innovation Leader at IOLITE Solutions, which creates smart, Salesforce innovations to improve user productivity on the Salesforce platform. IOLITE Solutions blends a process-first philosophy with technical excellence to provide smart and elegant solutions that bring efficiency and cost savings to all of our customers.

Brian has over 28 years of large enterprise technical architecture, process re-engineering, and consulting experience. He also has 18 years working with the platform. Brian and IOLITE Solutions are our partner for the PARTNERNOMICS IQ Software.

Mark Brigman Image
Mark Brigman
CEO & Founder

Mark is an author, keynote speaker, and the Founder of PARTNERNOMICS®, an international training, coaching, and consulting firm that helps business professionals make strategic partnering become a core competency.

Mark is an expert at turning collaborative relationships into highly functional competitive advantages. While working for a Fortune 100 technology firm, he traveled across Europe and the US architecting and leading hundreds of multi-million dollar partnerships. From the early 2000s, his passion and expertise in strategic partnerships led him to speak at international conferences from London, England to Silicon Valley.


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