Allan Adler Show Episode 5


Episode 5: Allan Adler

Topics Covered

  • Mindset: How to transform to an Ecosystem mindset?
  • ACV vs Value: Is Annual Contract Value the right company goal?
  • GoToEcosystem: Will GoToEcosystem replace GoToMarket?
  • Advantage: Is “Sustainable Competitive Advantage” really possible?

Guest Information

Allen Adler

Managing Partner, Digital Bridge Partners

Today, our guest on The PARTNERNOMICS Show is Allan Adler, Managing Partner at Digital Bridge Partners. Allan is a world-class Ecosystems coach, consultant and change agent supporting individuals, managers and executives to understand and incorporate partnership best practices in service to our businesses, our partnerships, and our planet. He is the creator of the GoToEcosystem Framework that guides XaaS CEOs and C-Suite to unlock the potential of Ecosystem Orchestration.

As Managing Partner at Digital Bridge Partners, Allan is the Chief Ecosystem Officer and drives thought leadership to help clients drive ecosystem differentiation and accelerate their ecosystem flywheel. Allan is also an Executive Member of Partnership Leaders.

Previously, Allan founded and ran (as CEO) MSI Consulting Group; a 100-person sales and marketing strategy firm focused on the high-tech where he became a leading sales and marketing strategist and visionary. Allan also worked as a consultant with The Boston Consulting Group and received his MBA from Harvard Graduate School of Business where he was honored as a Baker Scholar. Allan is also a CPA and serves on several for-profit and not-for-profit boards.

Mark Brigman Image
Mark Brigman
CEO & Founder

Mark is an author, keynote speaker, and the Founder of PARTNERNOMICS®, an international training, coaching, and consulting firm that helps business professionals make strategic partnering become a core competency.

Mark is an expert at turning collaborative relationships into highly functional competitive advantages. While working for a Fortune 100 technology firm, he traveled across Europe and the US architecting and leading hundreds of multi-million dollar partnerships. From the early 2000s, his passion and expertise in strategic partnerships led him to speak at international conferences from London, England to Silicon Valley.


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