Be our guest on The PARTNERNOMICS Show, a podcast, focused on strategic partnering, channel sales, innovation, and ecosystems with more than 12k downloads. 

Each episode is approximately 25 minutes long and consists of 4 topics/questions discussed by Mark Brigman, the show’s host, and you, an industry thought leader. Imagine a sports talk show, except ours is focused on partnership success practices.

Click the image below to check out a prior episode with Jay McBain ↓

How it works: 

  1. STEP #1 – Schedule a 45-minute Zoom meeting to record the episode (approx 25 minutes of recording time) using this Zoom Calendar Link.
  2. Step #2 – Email 5 questions/topics to Mark (Mark@Partnernomics.comthat you would like to discuss on the show using the subject line – PARTNERNOMICS Show Questions.
  3. The overarching goal is to have the host and guest share ideas, insights, and opinions that will help advance the partnering profession.
  4. Each episode will be shared on LinkedIn and other social media outlets.
  5. The podcast (audio) will be distributed on Apple, Google, Spotify, Podbean and YouTube.