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The quantity of strategic partnerships being formed is growing at a rate of 25% per year (Journal of Accountancy). And 38% of US CEOs say strategic partnerships are their #1 growth strategy (KPMG) for 2020-21. But unfortunately, the failure rate of B2B partnerships is 70% (Gartner).

Why is the failure rate so high? It’s because companies do not follow a proven process that addresses the common points of failure.

Dr. Mark Brigman, CEO of PARTNERNOMICS, has been leading industry-first, multi-million dollar partnerships for over 20 years. His passion to answer the question, “What are all of the major success characteristics to architecting and managing strategic partnerships?” led him to create the PARTNERNOMICS methodology. This comprehensive system of processes, tools, and strategies is now being used by business leaders throughout the world. 

In this webinar you will LEARN:

  1. How strategic partnerships will reshape the 21st Century.
  2. The 5 steps of architecting successful partnerships.
  3. The 6 elements of effective partnership management. 
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Mark Brigman, Ph.D.

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