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It was an honor spending time with the VDTA-SDTA members in Las Vegas. I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many great people.

As promised, I want to share the Presentation with you and offer an 80% OFF discount code. Accept the 2020 Business Growth Challenge and make this year your best ever!

Simply click on this link and be taken to the “Strategic Partnering 1” course and enter the code [VDTA80] for your 80% OFF discount to this online Strategic Partnering Foundations course. This offer is only good until 2/20/20, so hurry take advantage of this amazing offer!

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PARTNERNOMICS – Strategic Partnering 1 online course.

This program contains 11 video lessons (approx 15 minutes each) and 11 business growth expert interviews (approx 30 minutes each). This course will teach you the following topics:

  1. The 3 strategies for profit growth
  2. Evaluate your best opportunities for profit growth
  3. Understand the 5 types of partnerships
  4. Learn the 5 imperatives for building relationships
  5. The 12 opportunities to partner & much more!
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This course includes business growth insights from:

  • Mark Brigman, Ph.D., Founder & author of PARTNERNOMICS
  • Chris McChesney, NY Times Best Seller – 4 Disciplies of Execution
  • Jay Papasan, NY Times Best Seller – The One Thing
  • Jerry Porras, Ph.D., NY Times Best Seller – Built to Last
  • Jon Gordon, NY Times Best Seller – Power of a Positive Team
  • Mike Michalowicz, Best Sellers, Profit First & Clock Workwork
  • Bernie Brenner, Cofounder of TRUEcar & The Sumo Advantage
  • Danny O’Neill, Founder of The Roasterie
  • Atif Sidiqqi, Founder of Branch
  • And More!

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