Thought Leadership Course LP

Thought Leadership Course
The PARTNERNOMICS Thought Leadership course gives business professionals the opportunity to learn the core success practices that are shared by best-selling authors, CEOs, and organizational leadership experts from around the world.

Each Thought Leadership course includes 8 exclusive video interviews (30-45 minutes each) with global thougtht leaders on topics that are vital to organizational development.

This course includes interviews with Bernie Brenner (Founder of TRUEcar), best-selling authors Jon Gordon (The Energy Bus), Chris McChesney (4 Disciplines of Execution), Jay Papasan (The One Thing), Mike Michalowicz (Profit First), Nathan Furr (The Innovator’s Method), Jerry Porras (Built to Last), and Paul Zak (Trust Factors). Each author shares key insights from their careers, research, and areas of expertise.

Take A Test Drive

The three videos below are snippets from the full interviews that are included in the course. Each interview is packed with valuable insights that every professional can apply to his/her everyday life.

paul zak 1

Paul Zak Neuroeconomist, speaker, and author


Chris Mcchesney 
best selling author, keynote speaker, business leader

Leadership Course by Mike

Mike Michalowicz
Entrepreneur and bestselling author

PARTNERNOMICS Thought Leader Conversations. Hear it from the bestselling author themselves.

4 Disciplines of Execution

Chris McChesney

Fix This Next

Mike Michalowicz

The Innovators Method

Nathan Furr

Trust Factor

Paul Zak

The Energy Bus

Jon Gordon

Built To Last

Jerry Porras

The Sumo Advantage

Bernie Brenner

The One Thing

Jay Papasan