Online version of PARTNERNOMICS specifically designed for working professionals who want a flexible, organized, and affordable way to learn the art and science of developing successful strategic partnerships using our award winning learning platform.


Online version of PARTNERNOMICS specifically designed for masters level students who are enrolled in a degree seeking business or leadership program from an affiliate university.

Boot Camp

In-person version of PARTNERNOMICS specifically designed to build a foundational understanding of the art and science of developing successful B2B partnerships, in a 4-hour format.

Learn From Best Selling Authors, CEOs, Industry Experts, & Ivy League Professors

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Each Lesson Video is Approximately 15 Minutes in Length

PARTNERNOMICS – Professional

This version of the PARTNERNOMICS content is designed for business professionals who are interested in taking a self-paced, self-guided approach to learn the art and science of developing successful partnerships with complementary organizations. Participants can either purchase UNIT 1, which contains approximately 8 hours of videos (11 topical lessons & 11 Though Leader interviews). Or, participants may purchase the Full PARTNERNOMICS course which consists of 4 Units, 30 hours of videos (40 topical lessons and 30 Thought Leader interviews). 
PARTNERNOMICS – Professional starts with Unit 1 which sets the foundation and common language so the learner can quickly apply the tools, strategies, and techniques that are shared. At the completion of the entire course (Part 4), you will be equipped to architect, manage, and lead partnerships with confidence. Get started today, your career is about to be taken to a new level.


This version of the PARTNERNOMICS course is specifically designed for, and only offered to, graduate students attending a university course in PARTNERNOMICS. Students should also be studying a discipline of business or organizational leadership. This version takes the learner through a very disciplined and chronological process to show the key phases of the B2B partnering process. The 5 phases covered include, 1) Building a Partnering Strategy, 2) Engaging and Selecting Partnering Candidates, 3) Negotiating Terms of a Partnering Agreement, 4) Executing a Partnering Agreement, and 5) Managing the Partnership to Success. The content for this course is approximately 20 hours. About half of the content consists of business growth thought leader interviews and the remaining content is thoughtfully curated definitions, concepts, case studies, and time-tested strategies designed to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the key influencers to long-term partnership success.  This course includes two graduate level research papers. Upon completion of this course, the learner will be well positioned to assume a role as a business development / strategic partnering professional with a company of any size.


This 4-Hour, face-to-face version of the PARTNERNOMICS course is designed for the business professional who is interested in taking a hands-on approach to better understand 1) what strategic partnerships are, 2) how partnerships can help grow their business, 3) the full partnering process, and 4) logical next steps to better leverage the power of partnership to advance their organization. Participants of this course will receive course materials as well as access to video resources that will help reinforce the topics that are covered in this workshop. This workshop will add a significant amount of value for executives / CEOs, down to front-line individual contributors. At the completion of this workshop, the learner will have a much better understanding of their own business, how to construct a growth strategy, and how partnerships can play a major role in their future success.

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