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PARTNERNOMICS Strategic Negotiations & Coaching:

In Strategic Negotiations, you will learn a universal negotiation framework that will allow you to quickly understand, plan, and react to collaborative situations in a way that best supports your long-term objectives. Unfortunately, most negotiation methodologies taught today focus on short-term single interaction tactics that are centered on manipulation and deception. Because of the unique nature of partnering professionals, the short-term tactics are counterproductive.

What separates this program from others is that you will learn a universal negotiation methodology that works for every industry, every company size, and every bargaining situation, regardless of whether your counterpart is using deceptive tactics or not. This program takes a particular approach that focuses on having you say “Yes” to your counterpart, but do it under terms that make economic sense to your organization.

Every negotiation has the same underlying framework. Your clear understanding of this framework is the key to forming a “multiplier effect” with all of your counterparts. The most skilled negotiators do not see an encounter as “me versus you” but rather, “us teaming to create value.” This course will teach you how to form relationships faster, with lower risk, and provide more value to every participant.

In addition to the coursework, this product includes 6-weeks of coaching with a group consisting of 7-10 partnering professionals from different organizations. Learners will meet via Zoom each week as they progress through the content. After purchase, someone from the PARTNERNOMICS team will reach out to you regarding the scheduling process and additional information.

This course is organized into a 6-week curriculum; however, participants are encouraged to complete the coursework at their own pace (100% self-paced). The course contains 6 hours of video content, approximately one hour per week, including topical lessons that explain key concepts, tools, processes, and strategies. Learners will have the opportunity to download several tools as they traverse through the course. You can also access the course content from the PARTNERNOMICS mobile app.

Strategic Negotiations & Coaching

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