Cohort Coaching


Enroll in the 10-week PARTNERNOMICS Cohort Coaching Program and collaborate with up to 9 other leaders as you step through a disciplined approach to learn the art and science of developing successful strategic partnerships.​




The PARTNERNOMICS Cohort Coaching Program is designed to allow individuals from various organizations and industries (up to 10 per cohort), to participate in a guided and collaborative experience to learn from others while better understanding how to leverage the power of partnership for their organization. The Cohort Coaching Program uses Unit 1 of the PARTNERNOMICS online course to facilitate this 10-week program. Each week your cohort will engage our interactive learning management system (LMS) to consume prescribed videos and activities in preparation for our 30-minute live coaching session with one of our experts. The weekly sessions are conducted via video chat (Google Meet, Zoom, etc.). The weekly content consists of 2-3 videos and periodic assignments designed to help you evaluate and incorporate partnering practices within your organization. The preparation time is approximately 60-90 minutes each week.