Cohort Coaching






The PARTNERNOMICS Cohort Coaching Product

The PARTNERNOMICS Cohort Coaching program can be purchased and used by an individual. Cohort Coaching gives you direct access to a strategic partnering expert for 15 weeks. You will meet with your coach via video conference for 50 minutes each week. Your coach will facilitate your learning of the concepts, tools, and strategies that are presented within the specific course of study. The ultimate goal of every coaching engagement is to help you understand, evaluate, and successfully implement each of the success practices from PARTNERNOMICS into your organization. Our coaches believe learning is useless without successful implementation and results.

One of our expert coaches will contact you within 24 hours of your coaching program purchase. He/she will work with you to schedule a consistent time and day of the week where you can collaborate and successfully complete the 14-week program. Our online video conference approach takes geography out of the equation and adds great capabilities for powerful collaboration.