Enroll in the 6-week PARTNERNOMICS Coaching Program and receive one-on-one attention as you participate in weekly 50-minute video conference sessions.


PARTNERNOMICS offers coaching programs that are designed to enhance your partnering knowledge and skills by completing a 6-week program that steps clients through one of the proprietary PARTNERNOMICS courses of study or a custom project.

Each week participants watch 3-5 videos (approx 60 minutes total per week) that are contained in a course the client purchased (separate fee). Each course covers various topics, strategies, tools, and case studies related to strategic partnering. Clients then participate in weekly 50-minute video conference meetings (via Zoom, Google Meet) to review the week’s course content and discuss strategies for implementing the PARTNERNOMICS framework into the client’s organization.

A sample of the topics covered includes innovation, growth strategies, types of partnerships, mindset, collaboration, conflict resolution, power, negotiation, contracting, term sheets, due diligence, business cases, trust, alignment, communication, commitment, execution, vision, teams, goals, metrics, processes, and achieving results!


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