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Facilitate the entire partnering process using our PARTNERNOMICS IQ software. Start driving predictable results.


Upskill with our Strategic Partner Leadership Professional® certification accredited by the University of Central Missouri.


Learn the core succes practices for successfully managing partnership strategies, negotiations, contracts, and operations.


Get access to a partnering expert to step you through a course module or for any partnership questions you have.

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Execute all phases of the partnership process through Salesforce with our game-changing solution. PARTNERNOMICS IQ provides partnering leaders with a holistic view of their entire internal team and partner program. Partnering has been an art for too long, we’re here to change that. Our solution turns partnering into a science, delivering predictable results quickly.

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$ 995 / mo
  • Site License up to 50 users
  • Contact sales below for custom pricing
  • Connected to your organizations Salesforce account
Core Partnering Courses
The partnering courses you need to significantly increase partnership results, fast.

Partnering Foundations

$ 495
  • 1st course in the recommended sequence
  • 6-hours of video based content
  • Analyze the 3 core approaches for organizational value creation
  • Understand the 5 general types of partnerships
  • Learn how to apply the 12 categories of partner opportunities to your organization
  • Articulate the various components of the Business Growth Flowchart
  • Utilize the Business Growth Flowchart and concepts from this course to create an organizational growth plan

Strategic Partner Leadership Model

$ 995
  • 2nd course in the recommended sequence
  • 6-hours of video based content
  • Articulate the importnace of an organization's vision, mission, and core values
  • Analyze various models of value creation methods through leadership in business
  • Apply DiSC and TKI to develop more meaningful partnerships
  • Learn core success practices for creating and managing organizational goals
  • Understand how to create and manage operational metrics using methods to create leading and lagging indicators for goals and objectives
  • Articulate the 2 success practices that every partnering organization has

5-Phase Partnering Process

$ 995
  • 3rd course in the recommended sequence
  • 6-hours of video based content
  • Construct a 12 component Strategic Partnering Plan
  • Understand a Partner Preparation Sheet and how to apply it to your partnering initiatives
  • Articulate the 6 Engagement Skills and understand how each skill makes more effective conversations
  • Conduct a Power Analysis with a potential partner
  • Understand the 12 Negotiation Principles
  • Learn how a Term Sheet can be used to significantly improve partnership success
  • Utilize a Candidate Scoring Tool
Coaching Bundles
All PARTNERNOMICS Coaching Bundles are paired with specific coursework. Each coaching program is 7-weeks in length, participants are placed into a group consisting of partnering professionals after purchase that meet via Zoom once a week for the duration of the program. A PARTNERNOMICS Expert coach will step the group through the course modules and engage in conversation to assist with implementation of strategies, tools, and processes.

Partnering Foundations & SPLM

$ 1,985
  • Access to the Partnering Foundations and Strategic Partner Leadership Model courses
  • Over 12 hours of video based content
  • 1 week will be spent covering Partnering Foundations material
  • 6 weeks will be spent covering Strategic Partner Leadership Model material

5-Phase Partnering Process

$ 1,490
  • Access to the 5-Phase Partnering Process course
  • Over 6 hours of video based content
  • The program will be spent covering each phase from the 5-Phase Partnering Process course

Strategic Negotiations

$ 1,490
  • Access to the Strategic Negotiations course
  • Over 6 hours of video based content
  • The program will be spent covering all modules included in the course
  • Learners will come away with a step-by-step process and approach to negotiating
SPLP® Certification Packages
Set yourself apart with the partnership industries only university accredited certification.

SPLP® Certification (Do It Yourself)

$ 2,485
  • Access to all 3 core partnering courses included in the certification program (Partnering Foundations, SPLM, 5-Phase Partnering Process)
  • Over 18-hours worth of video based content
  • The coursework can be completed at any speed the learner desires
  • SPLP® Exam sold seperately ($395)

SPLP® Certification (Guided)

$ 3,480
  • Access to all 3 core partnering courses included in the certification program (Partnering Foundations, SPLM, 5-Phase Partnering Process)
  • Over 18-hours of video based content
  • 14-hours worth of coaching with a PARTNERNOMICS certified coach and a group of partnering professionals to step through weekly content
  • SPLP® Exam sold seperately ($395)
Advanced courses
In addition to our 3 core partnering courses, we’ve created advanced courses that take a deep dive into specific topics that can dictate the success of professionals and partnerships. Each course was developed with a subject matter expert on each topic.

Strategic Negotiations

$ 995
  • Over 6 hours of video based content
  • A universal negotiations framework name the 4 Phases
  • Be able to quickly assess, plan, and react to business situations in a way that best supports long-term objectives
  • Learn effective preperation for a negotiation
  • How to engage in effective dialog to understand the value your counterpart is seeking an discover the best approach to consummate an agreement
  • How to propose terms to a counterpart and how to best respond to offers that you receive
  • How to close deals that provide maximum value to your organization, but also significant value to your counterpart

Strategic Communications 1

$ 495
  • Over 3 hours of video based content
  • Discover the origins of the methodology
  • Describe the origins of human communications and motivations
  • Evaluate how to shift the focus of your communication from yourself to others
  • Examine the ten techniques for quick rapport
  • Incorporate the five steps to trust in your interpersonal communications
  • Evaluate the strength of the trust and partnerships you have with the six signs of "Sizing People Up"
Custom Consulting
Get hands-on assistance with anything partnership related. Our dedicated consultants have deep knowledge and experience with all things partnerships.

Custom Consulting

$ 4,000
  • 10-hours of custom consulting with a dedicated PARTNERNOMICS consultant
  • The PARTNERNOMICS coach will ask you to provide details highlighting the specific topics you would like to discuss before each call
  • The timing of calls is completely customizable to fit your needs
  • These consulting engagements can include multiple individuals from your organization

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