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Senior Business Development Executive


My career started in the financial sector, where I was a registered agent for a mutual fund company.  There, I discovered one of my passions – training and coaching.  So I spent several years developing my adult learning  and speaking skills.


Eventually, I moved to more of a sales consulting role.  I have sold anything from training programs to contractor leads to software for higher ed.


As of late, I am a student of strategic partnership, working on getting my certification through SPLP.  I am now with TTA (The Training Associates), in a sales role.

  • Guitar – strictly rhythm
  • Singing – mostly backup vocals and harmonizing
  • I can play some piano, bass guitar and drums
  • Cycling – eBike and Spin Cycle
  • Jeep Stuff
  • Learning the basics of mechanical – and love to follow processes found on YouTube to complete a project
  • Outdoor activities with my best friend (canine)