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Topic Video – SPLM Vision 1

  1. Overview of 5 Phase Partnering Process (5PPP)
  2. Overview of the Strategic Partner Leadership Model (SPLM)

Questions to Consider:

  1. PARTNERNOMICS offers two “core partnering processes”: 1) Strategic Partner Leadership Model (SPLM) and 2) 5 Phase Partnering Process (5PPP). Which of these two frameworks are you most interested in learning and why? 
  2. The Strategic Partner Leadership Model (SPLM) is a partnership operations framework. Have you used or studied an operations framework similar to this in your career?   
  3. The 5 Phase Partnering Process (5PPP) is a repeatable process that gives professionals a structure for going from idea (strategy) to execution (operationalizing a partnership). Have you used a framework similar to this in your career?