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Foundations – 4a

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Topics in Videos #4 & 4b

  • Bernie Brenner – Sumo Advantage
  • Steve Case – The Third Wave
  • 12 Opportunities to Partner

Questions to Consider:

  1. What challenges do small organizations face when partnering with large companies?
  2. How can strategies accelerate success with such partnerships?
  3. Sales is about getting a “YES.” What’s the focus for business development / strategic partnering? How have you experienced this topic in your career?
  4. Think of a conflict circumstance with one of your partners at some point in your partnering career. Was the situation handled in a constructive or destructive way?
  5. If “The Third Wave” is leveraging the Internet. What are some new ways your organzanization can better leverage the Internet to create value?
  6. Which of the 12 opportunities for partnerships best fits a need in your organization right now?