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Course Description:

The PARTNERNOMICS – 5-Phase Partnering Process course is designed for the business professional who is interested in taking a deep dive into the “pre-contract signature” processes to understand the optimal way to construct partnership agreements, perform due diligence, and negotiate agreements that deliver results. This course teaches the following five phases with an emphasis on the first four:

  1. Building a Strategic Partnering Plan
  2. Engaging Partner Candidates
  3. Bargaining/Negotiating the Agreement
  4. Closing the Agreement
  5. Operationalizing the Partnership

Participants will be introduced to several concepts, tools, and strategies that will help them more effectively manage and execute each phase. The course contains over 6 hours of video content. Approximately half of the videos are topical lessons that explain key concepts and tools, while the remaining videos include expert interviews with international partnering and business growth thought-leaders.

An underlying purpose of this course is to teach tools and techniques that will accelerate the speed to execute partnership agreements. By using proven tools and a disciplined process to ideate, negotiate, and architect agreements, participants can reduce the cycle times by at least 50%. 

Course Learning Objectives:

  1. Construct a 12 component Strategic Partnering Plan using the SWOT analysis as a primary foundation.
  2. Describe the six components of the Partner Preparation Sheet and describe the value this tool brings to the Engage Phase.
  3. Articulate the 6 Engagement Skills and describe how each skill makes for more effective conversations.
  4. Conduct a basic Power Analysis with a potential partner.
  5. Articulate the 12 Negotiation Principles and describe how each can add value to partnership negotiations.
  6. Describe the 8 components of a Term Sheet and articulate the success practices associated with utilizing a Term Sheet.
  7. Utilize the Candidate Scoring Tool, articulate the 10 Standard Criteria, and suggest additional criteria based on your team and typical partners.
  8. Articulate the meaning of standard “business terms” and “legal terms” commonly found in partnering agreements.
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Course Includes

  • 7 Lessons
  • 27 Topics
  • 1 Quiz