If you’re interested in making strategic partnering be a core competency for yourself or your team then you’ve came to the right place. Our PARTNERNOMICS Master Coaches have worked with organizations and corporate executives from all over the world to help them better leverage the power of partnership and they are eager to help you as well. PARTNERNOMICS is a complete system of tools, strategies, and processes that share the art and science of developing and leading successful partnerships.


How The
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Program Works

  1. Enroll in any of our 6-week PARTNERNOMICS courses.
  2. Enroll in a 6-week coaching program.
  3. Receive focused, real-time, one-on-one attention as you and/or your team are guided through the transformative PARTNERNOMICS curriculum by one of our expert coaches.

Weekly Live Video Coaching Sessions

Coaching Program Overview

The PARTNERNOMICS coaching program is designed to enhance your partnering knowledge and capabilities by completing a 6-week program that steps you (your team) through one of the proprietary PARTNERNOMICS courses of study or a custom project.

Each week participants watch 3-5 videos (approx 60 minutes total per week) that are contained in a course that is purchased separately. Each course covers various topics, strategies, tools, and case studies related to strategic partnering. You (your team) will then participate in weekly 50-minute video conference meetings (via Zoom) to review the week’s course content and discuss strategies for implementing the PARTNERNOMICS framework within your organization.

A sample of the topics covered includes: innovation, growth strategies, types of partnerships, mindset, collaboration, conflict resolution, power, negotiation, contracting, term sheets, due diligence, business cases, trust, alignment, communication, commitment, execution, vision, teams, goals, metrics, processes, and achieving results!

Individual & Team Coaching

The PARTNERNOMICS Coaching program can be purchased and used by an individual or an organization’s team (up to 6 people). Coaching gives you direct access to a strategic partnering expert for 6 weeks. You will meet with your coach via video conference for 50 minutes each week. Your coach will facilitate your learning of the concepts, tools, and strategies that are presented within the specific course of study for which you are enrolled (course sold separately). The ultimate goal of every coaching engagement is to help you understand, evaluate, and successfully implement each of the success practices from PARTNERNOMICS into your organization. Our coaches believe learning is useless without successful implementation and results.

One of our expert coaches will contact you within 24 hours of your coaching program purchase. He/she will work with you to schedule a consistent time and day of the week where you (your team) can collaborate and successfully complete the 6-week program. Our online video conference approach takes geography out of the equation and adds great capabilities for powerful collaboration. 

Business Executives Love PARTNERNOMICS

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Kyle Mallot

Kyle Mallot

COO | DST Systems, Financial Services (Ret.)

“Having led several of our corporate initiatives aimed at establishing profitable partnerships, I know first hand how critical the steps and processes PARTNERNOMICS teaches are to achieving success. The pace of business today demands we make partnering a core discipline and an intentional part of the growth strategy. To this end, PARTNERNOMICS will ensure two things, a much higher percentage of successful partnerships, and equally important, getting to a “NO” faster and avoiding all the costs of deals that never should have been attempted.”

Stan Manolakis

Stan Manolakis

President | Atlantic Food Distributors

“I started the PARTNERNOMICS program with limited knowledge and no game plan on how to effectively cultivate partnerships.  However, Mark’s ability to convey the curriculum in a methodical and applicable way has provided me with the foundation I needed to confidently explore and engage with partnership opportunities I likely would’ve previously dismissed.”

Atlantic foods
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Craig Jordison​

Craig Jordison​

CEO | Cornerstone Foodservice Advisors

“Two key takeaways, one, the rich content of the training, between the teaching videos, interview videos, and then the real learning of the quiz modules was timely business insight, easy to navigate and I learned a lot! The second was the interactive coaching sessions with the PARTNERNOMICS coach and our team members. As entrepreneurs move into the next decade, understanding the process of effective partnering can be a real game-changer. This valuable knowledge is exactly what PARTNERNOMICS delivers!”

Adam Hawley​

Adam Hawley​

partner | BMG advisors

“As a small business owner, Dr. Brigman’s PARTNERNOMICS coaching program has helped us tremendously. It’s like having an expert on the team to help us partner with the big fish.”

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