C-Level Secrets

C-Level Secrets

C-Level Secrets is an executive interview series hosted by Mark Brigman. In each episode Mark asks the guest various questions about his/her background, experiences, and lessons learned as an organizational executive.

The intent of C-Level Secrets is to inform and inspire business leaders to creatively think of new ways to grow their organizations. The primary focus of the interview is centered on business growth strategies, lessons learned, and career growth advice.

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August 2019

Greg Unruh - Branch

Meet Greg Unruh, Strategic Partnering Executive for Branch Messenger and hear his secrets to building strong B2B partnerships.

July 2019

David Klinkon - Cloud Minds

Meet David Klinkon from CloudMinds and hear the secrets of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Internet-of-Things. Our world is changing!

June 2019

Wayne Strickland - Former VP at Hallmark

Meet Wayne Strickland, former 25-year VP at Hallmark and hear his secret of having a “leadership philosophy” that helped him develop as a leader.

May 2019

Chris Kovac - River Watch Beef

Meet Chris Kovac, Founder of River Watch Beef and hear his secrets of pivoting to his passion.

April 2019

Laura Owen - UpSkill

 Meet Laura Owen, Founder of UpSkill, a company focused on addressing the technology skills gap that is facing US companies.

March 2019

Don Whitney - W Law Group

Meet Don Whitney, Co-Owner of W Law Group and hear his secrets of using the law to protect your assets.

February 2019

Robin Todd - Mindful Momentum

Meet Robin Todd, owner of Mindful Momentum. Learn her secrets to being mindful and living in the present.

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